Weekly Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance

All You Do Is Swim
This Weekly Maintenance Package Includes:

  • One trip per week (additional trips can be arranged)
  • Net debris off the top of the water
  • Clean all baskets
  • Vacuum entire pool/spa up to 1 hour
  • Test total water chemistry balance including 6 parameters
  • Make chemical adjustment for the week
  • Clean filter system when needed
  • Inspect system, pool and yard for safety hazards and preventative maintenance.

Expansion Joints

  • Prevent costly unnecessary tile and coping repairs before it occurs.
  • When the pool was new, a foam joint was installed that should be replaced with a specialized caulking
  • Provides a truly finished look rather than foam or empty space
  • Protects and seals by not allowing water to get into the gap between the coping and the deck which can cause damage
  • Replaces deteriorating foam which attracts debris, weeds and insects

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