Vision and Mission

VISION: For Every UPS truck on the road, there’s a Gorlin Pools  truck

MISSION: To Be The #1 Recommended Pool Service Company in Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties in New Jersey


From designers, craftsmen, builders, renovators, mechanics, and service technicians to office staff; our all-start cast of TRUSTED ADVISORS are here to support and entertain you. You'll appreciate our ability to listen and execute your vision. You'll appreciate our attention to the tiny details, the quality of the materials we suggest and the creativity that goes into your project. Perhaps most importantly, you'll appreciate our compelling desire and need to build a trusting environment that inspires creativity and always results in a WIN - WIN experience executed and supported with reliable, trustworthy and responsible service and maintenance...FOR YEARS TO COME.

Servicing and maintaining your pool or spa is a blessing to you and a pleasure for us. Choose Team Gorlin to be another TRUSTED ADVISOR...on your reliable support team.


We are defined by a long history of designing, building, renovating, servicing and maintaining timeless, one of a kind, energy-efficient, affordable and safe aquascapes and water environments throughout the New Jersey area. Whether creating a new custom water environment or modernizing your current environment our designers advise you through a variety of options including technology, colors, patterns, and materials; while incorporating only the highest quality and professional labor to ensure it will stand the test of time. Our all-start cast of experienced TRUSTED ADVISORS have extensive knowledge of gunite, vinyl and fiberglass. We will help you choose the right structure for your vision while meeting your budget. Your designer will blend all your choices seamlessly to create your own custom outdoor space.


We have a CULTURE of RELIABILITY and RESPECT, which leads to TRUSTING and LASTING relationships. In fact, long after the construction phase of your spa or pool is over, our cast of caring professional TRUSTED ADVISORS remain dedicated to your enjoyment and SAFETY.

Adhering to our basic CORE VALUES, we set the highest standards for ourselves and we take immense pride in our work to ensure we meet our goal - WIN - WIN - leading to your complete satisfaction.


Being in and around water evokes all the 'MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES' that a GOOD LIFE has to offer. Family and friends, traditions, along with happy and fun experiences that create memories we cherish, share and never forget. We've built our company and our lives around it...

Whether you're on a budget to install a simple backyard pool or you're dreaming of a timeless on-of-a-kind custom aquascape DESIGNED TO INSPIRE...

"You'll Love The Gorlin Win - Win Experience...Guaranteed..."