• SAFETY INSPECTION: Complete the safety inspection form if any infractions are seen
  • Adjust the water to the proper level
  • DO NOT leave water filling unless you physically talk to a member of the house.
  • Test for the complete chemical water balancing. Add chemicals and record the dosages applied to the service order
  • Empty all baskets (skimmer and pumps). Use garbage bag for debris
  • Net debris off the top of the water
  • Brush the tile line and steps
  • Vacuum the entire pool / spa
  • Confirm the auto vac for proper operation and clean the bowl, screen, vac head
  • Recheck plumbing valve positions before leaving
  • Recheck the automation system settings including: reset back into the necessary mode
  • Recheck the time clock for proper operation
  • Recheck the chlorinator for proper operation
  • Recheck the ozonator for proper operation and leave it on
  • Recheck the heater for proper operation
  • Recheck the lights & GFCI for proper operation
  • Recheck the blower for proper operation
  • The chemical bin and equipment area must be neat and clean. Remove all empty containers.
  • Update the service order with: quantities, item #’s, descriptions, changes, tax, totals, plus notes to the customer and the office
  • Text before and after photos plus completed service order to every customer



  • If any item above is not “OK” take photos, call the office from the job site and document all issues on the service order
  • Every backyard is SAFE
  • Every backyard is cleaner and better organized after you leave
  • Exercise excessive attention to water testing and water chemistry balance
  • Your customer will “RAVE” about you and your ‘enthusiastic’ service
Repairs and renovations plus equipment replacement and upgrades are not included.
Our most popular cleaning service is our weekly maintenance cleaning. This is the most common service we provide for hundreds of pool owners week after week and year after year.
Expensive is a relative term. We do offer more economical packages. Maybe you have some time to care for your pool, but not enough time to do it all the time. Bi-weekly, and monthly recurring service visits can be scheduled.

We use only our chemicals when providing weekly and bi-weekly services. If you have an existing supply of chemicals on already on site, we will use them before providing our chemicals.

Our specialized set of custom chemicals are put together by chemists at each respective manufacturer. Our team is trained in the application of these chemicals; assuring you and us that the water and the storage of all our chemicals are safe. Plus, our intimate and extensive knowledge of our chemicals allows us to make smarter dosage calculations with a much more predictable outcome.

In general, the day of the weekly service is based on the geographical location of your home plus historical routes that have been created many years ago. We can accommodate changes for earlier in the week because the routes are lighter on Mondays and Tuesdays. We also offer a wait list for each day.
In general, the pool will be serviced the same day every week. Sometimes weather and certain circumstances will arise that cause us to service one day prior or later.
Yes. You can request flat pricing for your opening, original cleaning, chemicals, weekly maintenance and closing.

Flat price for the season – best pricing
Monthly payments

Original clean up charges cover the progressive process of treating a pool from its original appearance at the opening to a swim ready condition.
Repairs vary in nature as well as cost. A general service call rate covers the initial visit plus labor rates that vary based on the type of repair. We most often provide flat rates that close the loop in terms of final cost.
Yes. We can automate most pool equipment. Several systems allow for hard-wired automated control as well as web based app control from your phone or other handheld device.

Several older automation systems can be upgraded. As technology advances your needs may change. We can meet any demand.

Yes. We sell, service, and install all types and brands of heater and boiler systems. We are factory trained mechanics and authorized warranty center.
Yes. We sell and install all types and brands of heat pumps.