Steven Colon,  20 Years of service

Steve has been a key contributor to Gorlin Pools success since 2004. Although he has impacted almost every facet of the company, Steven’s most valuable contribution has been his leadership of the service team. If your pool has ever needed a service call, and you’ve had the good fortune to talk with Steven, you know first hand what his many years of pool experience brings to the table! There is no other employee at Gorlin Pools who has received more customer accolades than Steven Colon. Steven’s number one objective is to make sure our clients are happy with their swimming pool. Steven makes sure his team is responsive and on site as soon as he can, and if he can trouble shoot the issue with you over the phone, he is more than happy to help.

Steven loves what he does day to day. He rarely if ever misses even one day of work and his ethics and principles stand as a model for all our employees.
Outside of work, Steven loves spending time around the pool with his many nieces and nephews. He is a volunteer leader in his church and Italy is one of his favorite places to visit. 
Congratulations Steven on your achievement, your dedication and loyalty, and your service to our clients and the growth and expansion of our organization.








Established in 1999, Gorlin Pools is one of New Jersey's largest and most CREDIBLE and TRUSTED pool service and maintenance companies, with an unrelenting commitment to CONSISTENCY, RELIABILITY, QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM. 


We pride ourselves on cultivating the skills and strengths of our employees. Our values, virtues and core purpose run deep, making Gorlin Pools an ideal place to showcase your talents, skills and strengths. At Gorlin Pools you collaborate with other industry professionals and develop a long and satisfying career in a supportive, fun, and fulfilling culture.


We'll look to you to ensure consistency in exceeding the standards and expectations of our affluent clients. You'll conduct on-site diagnosis, repairs, provide hands-on leadership, and provide guidance for safety, chemistry, seasonal concerns, structural repairs, hydraulics, automation, circulation and filtration, heating, electrical and electronic controls just to name a few. You'll also drive and maintain our vehicles safely; assist in training all personnel with a strong emphasis on trustworthiness, safety, and completing all schedules on time. You will become part of the team collecting client information that helps guide a supporting, trusting and long-lasting relationship with affluent clients. Your ability to connect with people from every walk of life is at the center of your growth and longevity.


You should have a driver's license and good driving record. Be engaged in LEADERSHIP and have familiarity with the techniques and equipment used in pool service and maintenance. You also must be able to handle the physicality of our work: weather conditions, heavy lifting (30-100 pounds), and extensive walking and bending. One year of experience in pool maintenance, service or construction is a plus; supervisory experience is also a plus.


Gorlin Pools dynamic professional life is defined by TRUST, HONESTY, RESPECT, TEAMWORK, and EXCELLENCE. Our CULTURE and environment offers you a chance to turn your daily job into a satisfying career surrounded by a supportive team with opportunity for advancement. You will assist us in INSPIRING people, building TRUSTED long-term relationships with affluent clients while nurturing Healthy, Safe, Clean, Sparkling, Crystal-Clear Pools every day.  


Responsibilites to the company:


Responsibilites to your supervisor:


You are a detailed pool service technician. Your artistry inspires your team and your customers through your passion. When you're in charge of a team or a site, perfection is never in question. Gorlin Pools counts on you to lead our service and maintenance teams while providing exceptional affluent client care.




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