Together We Can Make a Difference

April 24, 2013

Steve Gorlin is the new APSP Chairman of the Board and is writing monthly articles in AQ Magazine, a quarterly magazine published by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. The below article is his first article about his future vision for APSP and can be found at:

With humility, pride and deepest respect for our past and an optimistic vision for our future, I thank you for giving me this opportunity along with my fellow directors, to lead APSP into the future.


I attended my first NSPI chapter meeting in 1991. One night, after working all day, I drove 45 minutes up the New Jersey Garden State Parkway in the pouring rain. I sat in my car in the parking lot debating whether to go in to meet people I didn’t really know. After listening to Springsteen and Bon Jovi, I got up the courage to go in. I entered a meeting in the middle of yelling and fists pounding on tables. I went into the corner of the room and sat alone.

The issue being discussed was whether to hire a band or DJ for the holiday party. The rest of the night digressed from there. I spoke to no one. Driving back down the coast in the rain I decided this wasn’t for me, but I wanted to learn about my industry, how to better educate myself, serve my clients and grow a successful business.


The following month I returned and set a goal to become national chairman. I later became president of the chapter, president of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association, chairman of the Atlantic City Pool and Spa show, twice chairman of the APSP hot tub council and numerous other positions and accomplishments which has become the foundation for my chairmanship.

My role is:
•    To have your best interest at heart.
•    To explore your aims and aspirations.
•    To listen to you and listen well.
•    To appreciate your hopes and dreams.

My aim is:
•    To integrate diverse viewpoints and affirm unifying themes. Shared values make a significant difference in the health of persons, organizations and communities;
•    To find common ground, build community and resolve conflicts on the basis of principles not positions;
•    To continually develop the capacity of APSP to put values into practice by educating, offering choices, information, fostering self-confidence, and creating a climate for lifelong learning;
•    To liberate the leader in everyone—everyone can and should take responsibility for continuous improvement;
•    To always remember that you do not serve me—I serve you;
•    To demonstrate my commitment and passion to the shared values and visions of APSP; and
•    To stay in touch with you frequently;
•    To spend time on the important values, teach others, and hold myself accountable for the promises I make;
•    To sustain hope by taking charge and demonstrating the courage of my convictions, by arousing positive thoughts and images, and by seeking and giving support;
•    To keep hope alive for others. This is critical since, in the end, only people with hope will achieve greatness;
•    To identify excesses of leadership and of expectations;
•    To understand I am human. I make mistakes. Perfection is not the ideal; rather, I strive for humility and continuous learning.
•    To have fun, cultivate friends and be credible.

Lastly, I leave you with my fundamental imperatives.
•    Trust
•    Credibility
•    Communication
•    Teamwork
•    Leadership

APSP exists to enhance the business success of its members. Together we can make a difference. I am looking for a few of you to step us as leaders and become more active in the expansion, growth and effective development of APSP.

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