April 9, 2010

Are you tired of looking at your messy pool cover during the winter? Is your cover always loaded with wet leaves, dirt and debris? Do you constantly have to clean the cover after every rain or snow? When a hole is torn in the thin material all the pool water turns green or black, creating a mess at the pool opening. Patching the cover is a waste of time. Caution: have you seen what happens if a person walks out onto these “water bag covers”? First, they sink. Then, the cover traps them and the water pressure holds them down. The answer to all these problems is solved with a “Safety Cover”. Winter safety covers are an excellent investment for your pool in the off-season and we recommend them. They protect children and pets from falling into the pool and also keep debris and leaves out, while helping to maintain the water level in the pool. Winter safety covers come in numerous configurations and materials, from solid materials to mesh materials and springs to rubber straps. For your protection it is important that the cover meet or exceed ASTM safety standards. Our safety cover experts can recommend, size, and our factory trained installers can install the right cover properly for your needs.

Automatic safety covers represent a significantly greater level of safety. They are also more expensive, but they eliminate the risk of drowning for children, pets and even adults when closed, and are simple and quick to close, encouraging their use throughout the year. Automatic covers also work to retain the water temperature. As long as the cover is closed when the pool is not in use the water temperature should not vary much.

We would be happy to discuss cover options with you and help you find the right choice for your pool.

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