April 9, 2010

One of the most common and persistent misconceptions about pool ownership is that pools negatively impact property resale value. The roots of this misconception are decades old, and date back to a time when owning and maintaining a pool was a hassle. The tools that we use to maintain our pools, including cleaners and pool covers, have been perfected. Plus, inventions like automatic timers and automated chemical feeders have further simplified pool ownership so that even first-time owners can get maximum enjoyment from a minimal investment in time and effort.

Among pool owners, it is a common misconception that a strong chlorine odor, and the accompanying eye irritation, is caused by high chorine levels in the water. In truth, these are mostly likely the result of a high level of combined chlorine, usually chloramines. Chloramines are chlorine combined with ammonia (often from perspiration) and they are not an effective sanitizer, but they do produce a strong chlorine odor. The problem should be confirmed with a qualified expert, but the solution is usually to eliminate chloramines is usually to shock the pool by ADDING quick-release Free (non-stabilized) chlorine.


April 9, 2010

Small yard? No problem! Consider a mini pool, or “cocktail” pool. Less than 24 feet in length, the cocktail pool is perfect for smaller spaces. Cocktail pools as small as six by twelve feet can provide a luxurious pool experience within limited space.

The vast amenities available for your cocktail pool can provide the advantages of a standard swimming pool in less than one-tenth of the space. Entertainment-focused features such as underwater speakers and fiber optic lighting, and comfort-focused choices like integrated seating ledges make the cocktail pool a perfect place to cool off and enjoy, well…cocktails! And for the fitness-minded household, a swim stream – a water jet that provides a current against which swimming is possible, even in a cocktail pool – can be incorporated.

Best of all, the smaller size of the cocktail pool can make it economically feasible to create a real gem. Materials such as granite or glass tiles that would be too costly to incorporate in larger pools are perfect for cocktail pools. And with attention to landscaping design detail, a very special and unique environment can be created for the cocktail pool to make the best use of your property and perfectly highlight this outdoor entertainment area.

If you have always wanted a pool but didn’t think you had enough space, call us for a complimentary consultation.


April 9, 2010

Keeping pools clean, clear and safe is really a matter of maintaining balanced water chemistry and filtering time. There are scores of potential reasons for cloudy pool water, but the most common relate to inconsistent levels of chlorine or the existence/persistence of algae, including dead algae that have not been effectively filtered out. Chlorine is the most commonly know sanitizer,, creating a hostile environment for algae and other plants, as well as bacteria and germs. There are many alternatives to chlorine that are better for the environment and less abrasive to your bathers. But sanitizer is NOT the only substance that must be managed to maintain clean and clear water.

Several elements must remain in balance to promote good pool water health and keep pools clear: Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Bromine, pH level, Total Alkalinity, Calcium, Iron and Copper.

Before you use any chemicals in your pool, please call us and talk to one of our experts to help you diagnose the problem(s) and recommend the best solutions. Or allow us to inform you on the many alternative methods to sanitize your pool such as chlorine generators, Nature II, and automatic chemical feeders.

NJ custom swimming pool builders & spa builders

April 8, 2010

We are expert spa and swimming pool designers in New Jersey, renovators and builders, with a long history of building beautiful, safe, energy-efficient and affordable pools and spas.

We have on staff a professional team ready to undertake any nj swimming pool renovation, service or maintenance project. Whether you are seeking to install a brand new custom pool or looking to renovate your swimming pool, our designers will offer you a broad variety of options for color, patterns and materials. Our swimming pool professionals have extensive experience building pools in fiberglass, gunite and vinyl, and can meet any budget.

Your designer will marry each of your choices so that one seamlessly blends into the next, creating remarkable custom outdoor space. To ensure the lasting quality of your swimming pool or spa, we use only the highest quality of materials and labor to ensure it lasts the test of time.

At the core of our culture is reliability, which leads to trusting and lasting relationships. Long after the spa or pool construction phase is over, when others are long gone, our staff of swimming pool professionals remains dedicated to your safety and enjoyment of your spa or custom pool. We set the highest standards for ourselves and take immense pride in our work to ensure we meet our main goal- your satisfaction.

Whether you’re on a budget to install a simple backyard pool or you’re dreaming of a timeless one of-a-kind custom waterscape, you’ll love the Gorlin experience. You’re in good hands…I guarantee it.

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