Welcome to the Gorlin Pools and Spas Experience where amazing things are happening. You choose Team Gorlin because you need a trusted advisor.  Along with talent and skill you expect creativity, excellence and trust. Our team provides that and more in a very dignified, engaging and entertaining way.

Our professional staff of designers focuses close attention on the finishing materials, the joining of those materials, plus the overall composition of the landscape as well as each and every aspect of the design. They are motivated by the creative process and rewarded by an engaging and fulfilling collaboration with our clients.

That enthusiasm and enjoyment is further exhibited through our skilled craftsmen, mechanics and technicians who take your concept and plan from paper to reality. Each one derives their pleasure from your acceptance and appreciation of their skills, talents and efforts.

Long after the ‘new’ of your project fades our service mechanics and maintenance technicians will be there to support your safety and enjoyment. Our friendly and helpful office staff rounds out our cast of entertainers.

Team Gorlin…where culture and character comes first and where your WIN is our WIN